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last changeWed, 9 Sep 2020 22:28:58 +0000 (00:28 +0200)
2020-09-09 Bernhard Tittelbachtorwaechter: fix bug in tuergit hook script that preven... master
2020-09-09 Bernhard Tittelbachcall upload script with sudo
2020-09-09 Bernhard Tittelbachgive d3 and ruru access to tuergit
2019-09-14 Christian Pointnerfix equinox gpg key-id
2019-08-02 nicooMerge PR#66: VM bootstraping improvements
2019-08-02 nicooMerge PR#64: added fixes for ansible 2.8
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnermake sure facts from previous installs are removed...
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnernicer loop labels
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnerpreseed: add option to allow installation using dhcp
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnerpreseed: debian buster names interfaces differently...
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnervm/define: the vm autostart flag survives even if the...
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnervm/host: add missing dependencies
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnerfix wrong deprecation warning for group-names
2019-07-06 Christian Pointneradded fixes for ansible 2.8
2019-06-17 Christian PointnerMerge pull request #63 from realraum/sack-workaround
2019-06-17 nicooansible/base: Workaround [NFLX-2019-001] (CVE-2019...
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