2020-09-09 Bernhard Tittelbachtorwaechter: fix bug in tuergit hook script that preven... master
2020-09-09 Bernhard Tittelbachcall upload script with sudo
2020-09-09 Bernhard Tittelbachgive d3 and ruru access to tuergit
2019-09-14 Christian Pointnerfix equinox gpg key-id
2019-08-02 nicooMerge PR#66: VM bootstraping improvements
2019-08-02 nicooMerge PR#64: added fixes for ansible 2.8
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnermake sure facts from previous installs are removed...
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnernicer loop labels
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnerpreseed: add option to allow installation using dhcp
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnerpreseed: debian buster names interfaces differently...
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnervm/define: the vm autostart flag survives even if the...
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnervm/host: add missing dependencies
2019-07-16 Christian Pointnerfix wrong deprecation warning for group-names
2019-07-06 Christian Pointneradded fixes for ansible 2.8
2019-06-17 Christian PointnerMerge pull request #63 from realraum/sack-workaround
2019-06-17 nicooansible/base: Workaround [NFLX-2019-001] (CVE-2019...
2019-02-25 nicooMerge PR#62: vault/gpg: show long key-ids
2019-02-13 Christian Pointnervault/gpg: show long key-ids
2019-02-06 Christian PointnerMerge pull request #58 from realraum/accesspoints/no...
2019-02-06 nicooMerge PR#57: preseed: fix partman syntax
2019-02-02 Christian Pointnerdon't force roaming on iot wifi
2019-02-02 Christian Pointnerpreseed: fix partman syntax
2019-02-02 Christian PointnerMerge pull request #56 from realraum/update-vm-config
2019-01-29 nicoovm-update: Gather facts before running vm/network
2019-01-29 nicooRefactor VM definition playbook and template to a separ...
2019-01-28 nicoovm-update: Use post_tasks rather than explicit flush_ha...
2019-01-28 nicooMake `run_installer` default to no in the libvirt template
2019-01-24 nicooansible/host_vars: Add installation metadata for the...
2019-01-24 nicooansible: Add vm-update playbook
2019-01-24 nicooMerge PR#55: disable facts gathering for usb-install...
2019-01-23 Christian Pointnerdisable facts gathering for usb-install playbook
2019-01-17 Christian Pointnerremove useless empty file
2019-01-12 nicooMerge PR#54: Friendly loop indexes when setting adduser...
2019-01-12 nicooansible/base: Friendly loop indexes when setting adduse...
2019-01-12 Christian PointnerMerge pull request #53 from realraum/install/serial
2019-01-12 Christian Pointnerjinja2 != python ...
2019-01-12 Christian Pointnernot need to set a default for install.kernel_cmdline...
2019-01-12 nicooansible: Make install.kernel_cmdline a list
2019-01-12 nicooansible/base: Use map + join rather than a complicated...
2019-01-12 Christian Pointnervga=off is deprecated
2019-01-12 Christian Pointnercall update-grub after changing config
2019-01-12 Christian Pointnermake kernel command line options configurable.
2019-01-12 Christian PointnerMerge pull request #52 from realraum/preseed/disk-selection
2019-01-12 Christian PointnerMerge pull request #50 from realraum/ansible/openwrt...
2019-01-12 Christian PointnerMerge pull request #49 from realraum/ansible/lint
2019-01-09 Christian Pointnerpreseed/install: make disk selection work with udev...
2018-12-29 Christian Pointneransible: added support for symlinks on openwrt/image...
2018-12-23 Christian Pointnermove call to ansible lint to /ansible/
2018-12-23 Christian Pointnerfix wording in generic linter playbook
2018-12-23 Christian Pointnerupdated ansible/ again...
2018-12-23 Christian Pointnerupdated ansible/
2018-12-23 Christian Pointneradd some info about ansible-lint
2018-12-23 Christian Pointnerfix ansible syntax
2018-12-23 Christian Pointnersome more linter fixes
2018-12-23 Christian Pointneradd all roles to linter
2018-12-23 Christian Pointneruse pushd/popd to change to ansible dir
2018-12-23 Christian Pointneransible-lint: fix base role
2018-12-23 Christian Pointneradded ansible linter config
2018-12-23 Christian Pointnertry to fix pip in travis
2018-12-23 Christian Pointneradded ansible-lint to travis
2018-12-22 nicooMerge PR#48: replace command module running mktemp...
2018-12-22 Christian Pointnerreplace command module running mktemp with tempfile...
2018-12-21 Christian PointnerMerge pull request #47 from realraum/net/congestion...
2018-12-20 Christian Pointnerubuntu xenial install hew kernel by default
2018-12-18 Christian Pointnerctf has been moved
2018-12-18 nicooansible/base: Drop network_modules variable
2018-12-17 nicooansible/base: Add network tasks, set congestion control...
2018-12-17 nicooansible: Split base role into separate task files
2018-12-11 nicooMerge PR#46: add fgenesis ssh key to tuergit
2018-12-11 nicooMerge PR#44: added new ctf host
2018-12-10 Christian Pointneradd fgenesis ssh key to tuergit
2018-12-08 nicooctf: Move host vars from inventory to host_vars/ &...
2018-12-08 nicooMerge PR#45: Preseed fixes
2018-12-08 Christian Pointnerpreseed: fix hostname and domain setting
2018-12-08 Christian Pointnerpreseed: don't load firmware for unknown hardware
2018-12-08 Christian Pointneraccesspoints are now deployed using ansible
2018-12-05 Christian Pointneradded new ctf host
2018-12-02 Christian Pointnerwhitespace-only fix
2018-11-30 nicooMerge PR#43: nicer handling for ssh keys
2018-11-30 Christian Pointnernicer template to generate authorized keys for openwrt
2018-11-30 Christian Pointneradd filter plugin to generate ssh key list
2018-11-30 Christian Pointnerintroduce ssh_users_root
2018-11-30 nicooMerge PR#41: updated preseed templates for ubuntu xenia...
2018-11-28 Christian Pointneradd support for netplan on ubuntu bionic
2018-11-28 Christian Pointnervm/network: ubuntu bionic uses netplan...
2018-11-26 Christian Pointnerupdated preseed templates for ubuntu xenial and bionic
2018-11-26 Christian Pointnerfix role name for openwrt/image
2018-11-26 Christian PointnerMerge pull request #39 from realraum/openwrt/roles...
2018-11-26 Christian PointnerMerge pull request #38 from realraum/gpg/nicoo
2018-11-26 Christian PointnerMerge pull request #37 from realraum/files-vs-artifacts
2018-11-26 nicooShip default /etc/htoprc in access points & base
2018-11-26 nicoobase: Refactor deployment of default config files
2018-11-26 nicooaccesspoints: Extract htop config to a common file
2018-11-26 nicooRename openwrt-image role to openwrt/image
2018-11-26 nicoogpg: Remove my old key from the keyring
2018-11-26 nicooFix permissions on files/torwaechter/update-keys-from...
2018-11-26 nicooansible: Split files and artifact directories
2018-11-26 Christian Pointnerfixed renaming of gnocci host_vars directories
2018-11-26 nicooMerge PR#17: add accesspoints playbook
2018-11-26 nicooAdd a dummy ansible.cfg at the root, to make git helper...