2015-02-24 Christian Pointnermoved jako16 door daemon and firmware to jk16_door... master
2015-02-24 Christian Pointnermoved raspberry and router gpio to pi_as_powerwitch...
2015-02-24 Christian Pointnerremoved old unused firewall script
2015-02-24 Christian Pointnerremoved old useless xrandr util from wiki
2015-02-24 Christian Pointnerremoved stale dirs from reprap
2015-02-24 Christian Pointnermoved old-door-daemon to spor16legacy on github
2015-02-24 Bernhard Tittelbachrm
2015-02-24 Christian Pointnerfurther removed stale directories
2015-02-24 Christian Pointnerdelete all old/empty go folders
2015-02-24 Christian Pointnermoved avr-projects to spreadspace avr utilities
2015-02-24 Bernhard Tittelbachto github
2015-02-24 Bernhard Tittelbachto github
2015-02-24 Bernhard Tittelbachto github
2015-02-24 Bernhard Tittelbachrm documents to github
2015-02-24 Bernhard Tittelbachto github
2015-02-23 Bernhard Tittelbachto github
2015-02-23 Bernhard Tittelbachremove stuff
2015-02-23 Christian Pointnerremoved kicad-libs and teenstep after moving to github
2015-01-28 Bernhard Tittelbachreformat
2015-01-28 Christian Pointneradded Nachbarschafts-Flyer
2015-01-28 Bernhard Tittelbachworkaround for goexmpp bug
2015-01-27 Bernhard Tittelbachdoku
2015-01-27 Bernhard Tittelbachmore buffer
2015-01-26 Bernhard Tittelbachfirmware/user workaround: send open if user opens door...
2015-01-19 Bernhard Tittelbachreformat and fix array index bug
2015-01-19 Bernhard Tittelbachbutton does not need user
2014-12-20 Bernhard Tittelbachindex.html
2014-12-20 Bernhard Tittelbachmoved mswitch.cgi switch.cgi to deckenlichtschalter...
2014-12-17 Bernhard Tittelbachmissingfiles
2014-12-15 Bernhard Tittelbachcxleds
2014-12-05 Bernhard Tittelbachreopen ttyACM0 after timeout
2014-11-25 Bernhard Tittelbachbetter command parsing (case, word separators, etc...
2014-11-25 Bernhard Tittelbachkiosk
2014-11-13 Bernhard Tittelbachlicht fix
2014-10-29 Bernhard Tittelbachkiosk current files
2014-10-07 Christian Pointnerlogo directory moved to git
2014-10-07 Christian Pointneradded current logo version
2014-05-27 Christian Pointneranother try for DXF
2014-05-27 Christian Pointnerrixed dxf logo
2014-05-27 Christian Pointneradded logo in DXF Format
2014-05-02 Christian Pointneradded kicad lib with realraum logo
2014-04-09 Bernhard Tittelbachchange hostname wuzzler to torwaechter
2014-04-06 Bernhard Tittelbachswitch
2014-04-06 Bernhard Tittelbachmashadecke
2014-02-15 Bernhard Tittelbachshow warning if status older than 600s
2014-01-24 Bernhard Tittelbachbugfix
2014-01-15 Bernhard Tittelbachswitch
2014-01-14 Bernhard Tittelbachkiosk
2014-01-14 Bernhard Tittelbachmswitch abstract
2014-01-14 Bernhard Tittelbachmswitch abstract
2014-01-14 Bernhard Tittelbachbrockmanngasse 15 funksteckdose
2014-01-14 Bernhard Tittelbachbrockmanngasse 15 funksteckdose
2014-01-09 Bernhard Tittelbachhaha
2013-12-15 Bernhard Tittelbachfix presence bug
2013-12-14 Bernhard Tittelbachswitch patterns
2013-12-11 Bernhard Tittelbachrealraum olga hat labor sicherheitsstufe 1
2013-12-04 Bernhard Tittelbachzsh_mswitch
2013-12-03 Bernhard Tittelbachlink to our patches according to GPL affero
2013-12-03 Bernhard Tittelbachindex
2013-12-03 Bernhard Tittelbachdo not send initial events
2013-12-03 Bernhard Tittelbachr3 netstats sensorvalues
2013-12-02 Bernhard Tittelbachraspberrypi_licht
2013-12-01 Bernhard Tittelbachupdate vereinsname
2013-12-01 Bernhard Tittelbachgricalender hq patch queue
2013-11-25 Bernhard Tittelbachuse new termios api
2013-11-25 Bernhard Tittelbachtermios rewrite, new API, ability to set speed
2013-11-25 Bernhard Tittelbachserial reconnect with exponential backoff
2013-11-21 Bernhard Tittelbachtermios_speed
2013-11-21 Bernhard Tittelbachtermios_speed
2013-11-21 Bernhard Tittelbachtest termios set speed
2013-11-16 Bernhard Tittelbachgasleak alert
2013-11-16 Bernhard Tittelbachgasleak alert spaceapi
2013-11-16 Bernhard TittelbachGasLeakSensor
2013-11-12 Bernhard Tittelbachfundkiste
2013-11-08 Bernhard Tittelbach1 out of 4 pings
2013-11-08 Bernhard Tittelbachdisable user on message error
2013-11-08 Bernhard Tittelbachattempt to handle more errors
2013-11-07 Bernhard Tittelbachwho
2013-11-07 Bernhard Tittelbachrestart xmpp server after error or ping-timeout
2013-11-07 Bernhard Tittelbachshow errors
2013-11-06 Bernhard Tittelbachdistribute DoorProblemEvent
2013-11-06 Bernhard TittelbachProblem string
2013-11-06 Bernhard Tittelbachshrug
2013-11-06 Bernhard Tittelbachask for missed events
2013-10-26 Bernhard Tittelbachprepare for recovery code (unfinished)
2013-10-22 Bernhard Tittelbachupdate and display button/light state
2013-10-22 Bernhard Tittelbach../..
2013-10-22 Bernhard Tittelbachdisplay state and switch multiple at once
2013-10-21 Bernhard Tittelbachrouter_gpio_relay_licht
2013-10-21 Bernhard Tittelbachresolutions
2013-10-19 Bernhard Tittelbachimprove ajar msg
2013-10-17 Bernhard Tittelbachcurve_formatting
2013-10-17 Bernhard Tittelbachsensorgauges
2013-10-17 Bernhard TittelbachSolid State Relay
2013-10-17 Bernhard Tittelbachzu schnell commitet
2013-10-17 Bernhard Tittelbachpresence true if door locked manually
2013-10-17 Bernhard TittelbachManualMovementEvent
2013-10-17 Bernhard Tittelbach--bug
2013-10-17 Bernhard Tittelbachxmpp msg update
2013-10-16 Bernhard Tittelbach..